How am i..the little box asks..well I'm lonely. It's the har

How am i..the little box asks..well I'm lonely. It's the hardest part of being single..the alone..i just want someone to lay with and watch tv, or lay around and talk. I'm too broken for a relationship, but i need human contact..just to lay with someone and watch a movie..i didn't think that was too much to ask..

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I'm sorry you're having a tough time :( I'm sending thought-hugs!
Personally I think people are never too broken for relationships and human contact--maybe you just need some more time to heal

I feel you I have no friends and spend all my time indoors doing homework or watching videos and listening to music and its okay but sometimes when I get depressed I'd like someone to vent too someone to go watch a movie with or sneak out with you know. I'd like to a live of an average 18 year old college student but I'm just so horrible at making friends and talking in general. However you don't need anyone to make you happy if you don't have anybody then spend the time on personal growth and doing things you enjoy. Right now I'm trying to learn a new language and I just got a job and it really helps as I feel that I'm productive and it doesn't give me time to be lonely. Try taking up a hobby or try spending some time with a family member. If anything you can also shoot me a message if you just want someone to listen too *hugs* I know it sucks being lonely but you can be happy even if you're alone.

I know how you feel. Sometimes when I can't stand the loneliness anymore I take a pillow to bed with me and hug it and it feels just like a person. I know someone else who holds their teddy bear close to their chest when they are really upset and it calms them down. I know it's not the perfect solution but can be a good bandaid treatment.

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