How can a working mom stop bp

Hello all,

I'm just wondering how this is ever going to stop. I work FT and often we have "food celebrations or lunch" catered in. Then when I get home I have to fix dinner and lunches for the kids so I naturally have to keep "bad foods" at home.

Does anyone have any advice on how to manage this? I've thrown up at work before (just on a different floor), left the office to throw up at my boyfriend's place (b/c he lives closer to my job), etc.

If I felt as if I've "messed up" in my eating, I'll automatically plan my binge/purge for when I get home. If the kids are around I wait until they go to sleep.

I think my son is beginning to notice large amounts of food disappear.

I really hate to live this way and just want to be NORMAL. It affects all facets of my life and my happiness.

I want to be healthy and live a full life.

hey there Justme40. I am a recovered Bulimic. I read your post and was thinking of a few things that helped me. When I was in treatment we did an exercise that I found worked a lot of the time. We wrote down a list of other things we could do instead of indulge in our eating disorder. Anything that brings you pleasure or relief. For example, one of mine was take a bath. This was a simple indulgence and something I could do for myself that wasn't harmful. Another was identify what emotion you are feeling right now. Or Call so and so. On that list was also a simple mantra, "God, I need your help." I'm not particularly religious, but it helped. Try making your own list and see if it helps.

I have a very good idea of what you are going through!