How can I get help

I will be homeless on friday and no money on disability and dont know what to do. I have many problems such as social disorder personality disorder bipolor dis. and more. I cant function life without my live in cna. oh heck im lost. No fam. and dont have friends. Was with a friend but didnt work out with my problems. cant stand to be around alot of people 4 or more. I think i May be doomed on this one. I get so confused dont even know where to start.

Hi, xocjohn.
I am so sorry. Is there a church you can go to? Maybe someone there might know who to call in your area.
Any shelters in your area?
Some cities now have soup kitchens or a meal at night.

Any friends, neighbors or relatives that can help or let you stay with them until you get on your feet again?

United Way sometimes has a phone number and refer folks to help in their area.

Sending all the best to you.

ill try calling some churches in the am. this town population is 1200 1 gas station. I have no choice but to make it gonna just have to fase all my fears. thanks

Hi xocjohn,
I'm new on here so I hope I'm doing this right. Depending on where your at as far as emotional stability: anxiety increasing/panic/depression/suicidal thoughts/hopelessness, I would suggest you go to the E.R. if your experiencing these things because of whats happening. Most E.R.'s are equipped with helping people and at the very least seeing a social worker.
If you feel that your okay enough to tough it out,go to your local social service department. Also check out your local united way. Some cities its just a phone call for referrals. 211 is what you dial (from a landline).
Hang in there, I've been there.