How can we overcome things when all else feels HOPELESS and helpless!

Today is really a bad day. DIdn't get up and out early as i wanted to, but mainly some things have come back I moved back home about five years ago been here trying to finish college get a job where i can support myself. I have switched careers about two times since i've been here. Was going for teaching and still want to finish my degree in it, i also am in the midst of finishing my certification for Vet tech for i can take the state test and be certified. I am also trying to now find a job as a phlebotomist/ekg technician since i just finished my schooling for that and haven't found a job in it yet.

I am dabbling in biology trying to possibly also get a degree in Medical Technology. but havent really suck with school so i keep having to repeat certain classes. I thought i would now just focus on finishing my vet cert and then move on toward biology and education to see where i am. But mainly i need jobs NOW, where i have to put school on hold.
I have this dog that a friend of mine is caring for in upstate NY, its a great place but i want my dog home with me I just need my own place. I never thought it would be this hard to bounce back. I don't know what's wrong with me but i guess i've been getting in my own way. Sometimes I want to just take off and live up there so i can be with my dog, i know then i could focus on school and finish it. Then that would give me recognition and what i need to get a career to support myself. So i know my dog is getting older and i can't take another year away from him.
Going through this experience has taken so much from me that i literally lost the motivation almost to well pick myself up and keep fightining. I just really don't know what to do. I have tried to take time to just focus on school and that didn't work, i feel like **** when i don't work and i know i'm smart. Since i live at home i can't have too many animals here and well my situation doesn't allow it here in my environment so i either move out there and work and be with my dog or i just take time off school here, work and see when i can move out on my own. I"M 31!!! I SHOULD BE IN MY CAREER AND DONE but its my fault for not sticking with my classes. I am trying to see what happens but plan to visit him which work won't like but i'm only p/t and really need to see him i just think i'll either take him home or want to stay up there so i can be with him. He's getting older and not sure how much time he and I have left so i don't want to be away from my baby dog or i'll never ever forgive myself!!!
I can't believe this, i know other people have worse problems than me i just want to overcome this and move on soon. I need a plan a day to day plan to get to where i want quickly!!! Thanks for listening/reading. Everyone, have a good day.

Hi ClimbButterfly-pea! I am totally and completely here to "listen" and help support you in any way that I can. First of all, try not to be hard on yourself, we have all been there and done that. Trust me, it wasn't until my early 30s that I finally pursued my passion and started to work towards my own business. Before that, I was bouncing from job to job, city to city, and truly felt like I was so lost and there was no light at the end of my tunnel. Everyone around me seemed so pulled together and really were sky rocketing in their careers. And, here I was wavering on what I really wanted to do and thought...isn't that what my early 20s were for?

I felt no motivation in the city where I lived and my friends had such routines with work, happy hour, dinners, etc. And, my job was so mundane and the hours were so incredibly long. I wanted more for my life and it was up to me to make it happen. I had to pick myself up and really self motivate, which was not easy. I relocated to a new city where I didn't know anyone and started to do odds and ends jobs in my field of interest just to get my feet wet. So, here I am nearing 30 and working at the same level at 21 year olds. I have an MBA and had 10 years of work experience under my belt in hard core corporate environments, and I was working at a blue color level with 21 year olds. At that point, I had absolutely no ego, I was going for my goal and nothing was going to stand in my way. After a couple of years of working various contracted positions in my field of interest, I started meeting the right people and making the right connections. Then, everything slowly but surely started falling into place for me to launch my own business.

Everyday for me is a challenge, but it's a good challenge. Some days are harder than others, but it's all about keeping yourself in a positive mindset and telling yourself that you can and will achieve your goals. So, the key is for you to get yourself into a good positive environment, and to me it seems that getting upstate to be with your dog is the right decision. Get up there, be happy, start those classes, and maybe you can do part-time work on the side. As well, there are always great opportunities out there. Try working in your field of interest, and get your feet wet, even on a very part-time basis. These are just some options for you.

Now, the key is to learn from our past experiences, but to completely move on and away from them. The past is just's the past, we can't re-do it. But, what we do have control over is what we do today and in the future. So, no more looking at what you could have done or should have's all about looking ahead to your incredibly bright future and it's up to you to make that happen for yourself. Take small steps every day to get yourself there.

I know that you WILL get there so soon...a lot more quickly than you think. You are an amazing person and have provided to much incredible support for me and others here, thus there is a big wave of good karma coming your way....

I am here for you and I will try to help you in any way that I can. Sending you tons and tons of good positive energy and always wishing you all of the very best.

THank you soo much PuppydogLVR!!! I am literally almost brimming to tears. I am so glad you shared that story with me. It's funny we always think people who appear to be better off then us are really up high from where we see ourselves and you sharing that humbling yet successful story just goes to show me how hopeful things can be for me. I want soo badly to just break away and be able to support myself and be w/ the furry loved ones i've held so near and dear to my heart. All the rest to me is peanuts.

I do have to plan each day what goals to set forth that will help me attain my ultimate goal. I feel that way instead of it being just a thought it'll actually start to occur. Small goals will turn into big ones that will turn into me attaining my dreams. Thank you for your support. I really look up to you especially with ALL your accomplishments, it just makes me feel good and hopeful about attaining mine. HARD WORK!!! DETERMINATION< STRATEGY= SUCCESS Thank you really, I truly thank you for sharing your story it really does make me feel a whole lot better. It's good to know its not just me feeling like a pathetic looser and i know i am not just well stumbling awhile in life trying to get good footing to support myself. AGain thanks for sharing!!!! You have a wonderful week!! I do need all the good vibes and especially all the good karma i can get!!! SEND IT FORTH!!:P
PS i am trying my hardest to network to and in the end I know it'll work out. THANKS!

Thank you so much! I am here to share and help in any way that I can. At times things do look so pulled together, than they really are. When I first met several of my entrepreneurial girlfriends, I was quite intimidated because we're essentially the same age, and they all seemed so glamorous and successful. Well, it wasn't until I really got to know them that the layers were peeled and I realized that we're all in the same boat. A boat where we are paddling really hard upstream in order to gain success. It's not easy, but I push forward each and everyday and as do my girlfriends.

You have the best and most brilliant formula in place and now it's all about putting it to work, which you already doing. Setting goals and working towards them each and every day is a great way to getting to an independent place quite quickly. You are already well on your way and I know that your drive, determination and incredibly positive outlook will get you there so quickly.

Sending tons of positive energy and good karma is on its way! Oh yes!

hmm i always thought the thirties were when we were meant to take off with life, it was then i became a parent, i had a home of my own not married quarters in some base, i defenitely discovered i could do things and speak out if i was upset/afraid/etc.
i like to look at it as i matured gracefully and became the person i was meant to be when i reached the thirties, gone was the silly ideas of keepin up with the things others were doing, it was then i was content to be on my own with the kids, fillin my time with things i wanted to do, yet at the same time things that were a mystery didnt seem to matter or just clicked into place. so dont be so hard on yourself its not a race to get to the finish line of life, its about doing and experiencing things that allow u to be who u really are, u have drive and determination so settin simple goals is a great way to cement foundations that will last a lifetime. as well as making sure u are on the path u want to be on

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Hey Butterfly,
Both domestic and puppy raise valid points. In that it is not "keeping up with the Jones's anymore" it's keeping up with yourself. Sometimes we become so bogged down by "should be's" that we forget about the "i am" You are doing fantastic so try looking on what you are achieving and what you can achieve.

Continue to set your goals and choose whichever path you believe will suit you best long term. As a friend said to me this weekend, as I was reconsidering nursing...where do you want to be in 20 you see yourself a happy nurse...the answer came as a plain and simple yes...even though I have a Business Degree under the belt.

Both domestic and puppy have told their fantastic tales and they are still journeying through...and you at the begining of yours...stay upbeat, you know in your heart you are on the right track, even if sometimes the lines look a bit broken sometimes.

Stay positive hun...I'm thinking of you

Much love to you
Moongal x

Thanks everyone, i know I should relax its just hard sometimes. Your right look at your life 10 days from now 10 months from now and 10 years to give yourself a good perspective of what you want and see yourself happy doing. I know in my heart what i want its just hard to see if it practical or realistic goal. Am working things out just need to get step by step my finances in line so I can support myself, then work on getting my own place and in the meantime try to finish college and my degrees i just need to not be all over the place with things. I tend to do that and loose momentum. Thanks for the tips everyone I will continue to remind myself of all of it whenever I'm feeling down. Thank you!!!! Much love and have a splendid weekend everyone:)

That's so great ClimbButterfly-pea! I understand how at times it is hard to keep up the motivation. I have been pushing so hard with my businesses, that when I am not seeing bigger/better results, then I start to lose motivation. But, I have to remind myself of the bigger picture and what my end goal is here. I set realistic milestones that I work hard to achieve. If for some reason I don't hit a milestone, then I don't get hard on myself, but instead I re-strategize and re-work the upcoming milestones. It's ok to do that in life. You can plan and plan but sometimes life throws us little curve balls and it's what we do when them that matters.

You will totally achieve all of your goals and then some. I just know it. Please keep sharing with us. Sending you tons of good happy positive energy.

Everything does work out.

Sounds like you are on a good path !!!

I had simular issues this year. I am a profssor here in China, and it is good and bad here. People go from place to place. Nice for travel but I wnat a good university and stay in one place few year to 5 or so...

I had to think about gettting another degree so I could get my teaching licence in the USA so I can get excellent pay at an international school.

I have a PhD and so on But the USA does not recognise many schools anymore that are international, so I waiseted much valuable time...

Univerisy of Pheonix online wanted 60,000$ from the degree i needed and they could not do a teaching degree when I am abroad... ???

So I was much stessed and worried.

I was in a BAD SCHOOL Screwing us for pay, put me in an aparmtnet I have to pay for and responcilbe for etc...

PLus other things, past, present and future,


I can so relate.

BUT NOW I am going to work at the TOP Medical University here in GuangZhou !!! So Job is GREAT and PAY OK and I only work to days a week so I can rest, I have Fibromyalgia as well, makes things harder.

Then my apartment I maybe will keep and do private lessons here to pay for it and make extra money to save and also send my mother some.

So it all worked out and I was Shaking and Stressed for now reason.

But it is real and hard to control !!!