How do i accept the finality

I just go round and round in my head. penny suffered for a long time with illness. I knew her passing was inevitable. yet when she died....i went into shock. now i feel sooo lost and lonely for her. i can't get my mind around it. The loss is trmendous. we were the best of bestfriends. we talked about everything. i have never been able to be my complete self except with her. My head feels like it is full of salt water and it just keeps leaking out my eyes.

hi there

welcome to support groups and let me say how sorry i am for your loss and the way u are feeling

the deep feeling of despair and need will eventually subside but only when u have completed the cycle of grief, and that has no time limit for all of us its different

try and see a doc to make sure u havent affected your health thru this period of time, mild depression is quite common and having less energy from surviving on caffine/tea is all so normal.

has it been a long period that u have been left on your own or is it recent? and what do u miss most about your friend? sometimes it helps to journal things so u dont forget the many important times u both had

which bit do u find most hard or is it a particular time of day?

mayb if its been a while u need to join a face to face group for grief where others have like minded things to say and u can recieve and give support that way

if u cant face that route just yet then please write here about your friend and your loss

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

Hi Nanci, I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like you both shared a special friendship. Now your friend is gone. It is understandable to have the feelings you are having. Everyone grieves in their own way and their own time. There will come a time when you will begin to feel better but it will take some time. domestic made a great suggestion about a face to face support group. Your doctor may be able to stir you in the direction of one. Please keep sharing with us. I know it helps to talk. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))