How do i approach my dad about . . .?

i think my dad is drinking again . .hes almost 5 years sober. my mom and sister are in complete denial about it. There also normys and never around the house. i just recently moved back to there house for a bit, and theres just something off. so my question is how should i approach him about his drinking again?

oh no .... thats a tough one .... i haven't had that ... i guess if it was me i def would approach it .. he might think he's controlling it ... i hear in a lot of meetings people going back after many years sobriety ... but they came back in and were shocked how fast there lives got out of control again ... esp as we get older it gets worse .. im 23 days clean after being back out for four years ..( i dried out in 2007) for 9 months ....maybe sometimes we need to learn that lesson again to really get it .... alcohol is a devil of a drug .. im shocked at how long i let myself go .... ive nearly lost my buisness boyfriend and family ... i cried my eyes out after my gym yesterday ... its like i haven't had feelings for so long cause ive been under anestetic (alcohol) and its kinda nice to just be and feel things ... anyways back to your dad ... i def would say something ..... x

hey serenity hun....first b4 creating a situation what is off? yiu did'nt mention anything about see him drinking, so can you give a bit more information please, if you don't mind, then i can comment.

dry in london.....oh yeah baby 23 days thats great hun, i'm real proud of you keep up the great work hun.

dryinlondon congratulations! im really glad that you made it back . and its his behavior . . and i saw him shove something in his gymbag before, and read his text messages . . hes in relapse mode or he already has relapse. im a recovering addict as well, so i just can kinda see the signs(hope thats not conceded) hes not the sober dad i know . . somethings up

how to micro manage an alcolohic? hhmm the direct approach are you drinking again? share your concern and drop it....just my experience...others may have more to share from their experiences....can't let the alcoholic run your life hun....may i suggest you attend a few alanon meetings, may help you deal with dads drinking.

Yeah good call.. It could upset him .. Tough one .. I didn't think alanon ... Good idea xx

speaking as an alcoholic who's family member went to alanon, i was livid upset....your going there to talk about me....there it is the selfcentered to the extreme "me"....alanon is great for family/friends of alcoholics to learn how to cope with the disease and the affects it has on them. in later years i ended up going to alanon as i had a family member who was alcoholic.....serenity hun there are also open aa meetings if you are interested in learning more. best to ya hun and let us know how life is going for you and dad

thank you so much for that response wiffyatthehub. i usually go to open aa meetings 4 or 5 times a week. sometimes i go to close. my home group is actually the meeting my dad usually goes to. they didnt see him for months and a couple days ago was the first time they saw him. this is kinda why i relapsed last time. . im always to busy focusing on others than myself. i have a really hard time just doing me. any pointers anybody?


did’nt realize you were alcoholic to hun. oh so hard to mind our own business isn’t. hhmm if we are busy with everyone else we don’t have to deal with our own issues, and we do have many. do you have a sponsor hun? its always good to have someone to help us stay accountable. we can’t control our own lives and we are trying to tell others what to do ha! working on YOUR sobriety is your number one goal hun. never mind what “everyone” else is doing or saying work on you hun. STEPS very important. there is nothing hun that a drink won’t make worse…

p.s. you may want to find another home group than was with my husband and i. ok to go to some same meetings but you need your own...