How do I find love with a woman again, and I'm HIV positive

I don't know where to look anymore I cant just openly say I'm HIV positive and you know the stigma that comes with that it's like living a secret life it gets very depressing you see so many fine women that you want to approach but you can't because you can't reveal your innermost secret I just don't know I'm here in Cleveland Ohio I don't know of any support groups for both Male female there is a lot of homosexual groups but no heterosexuals or is there

I have Hep C and also live with this delimea. I am 61 years old, female., so my odds of dating are sort of slim although i may start this on line dating. I am not the type to be intimate on the first few dates,but feel that you don't have to share this just to go on a date. If you do become intimate, for sure let them know, wear protection.

thanks for your advice it's just hard to open up to somebody afraid of the stigma the gossiping people talking about you I guess I'm just going to try to get over that I don't know but thanks for the advice

Cortez - Yes there is a group for HIV+ heterosexual men at MetroHealth hospital - it meets at noon on the 4th wednesday of every month - so we are meeting this Wednesday March 27th. It's confidential and worth checking out. Its a support group, not a dating group. Call Jen for information or check out the website. Give it a shot. It's been helpful to me.