How do I keep going? Everyday is the same. I wake up, look i

How do I keep going? Everyday is the same. I wake up, look in the mirror and is disgusted by what I see. It’s crippling. I dread the days, nothing is changing. I have avoided friends and family. I stay home all day and sleep. What else is there for me?

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Have you seen a dermatologist? Are you under some kind of treatment? I've had thoughts like that countless times and even tought about suicide because of the cystyc acne I had.It was so phisicaly painful that I could not even sleep at night because of my face touching the pillow.And the mental aspect of it puts a lot of pressure on you.I can totally understand you,and all I can tell you from my own experience,because I have allready walked that path and I am still on it in a way,is to have patience.Have patience with yourself,with the deasease,with the treatment.Better days will come.Trust me.Hugs :)
And if you want to talk I am here :) We are here for you :)

@Pestisor I’ve seen a dermatologist. He prescribed me minocycline for antibiotics, sulfacleanse and adapalene. The funny thing is, I took the same three two years ago and it worked. My skin improved, so I went off them for a few months. Then some stress events occurred and I found myself breaking out again.
It’s tough. I have these brief moments of happiness then they go away. It’s as if my mind is teasing me, it won’t let me find peace.