How do I put a picture up?

I would like to have a picture (avatar), but I can't figure out how it's done. I have pictures on my personal email. I would like to pick one of those. Can someone give me step by step directions on how it's done?

Christa33 explained how in the other post :)

ok, now let me see if i can answer this one--if not ---ill ask someone else LOL..

ok --- 1. you go to MY Profile
2.. you scroll down and see "upload picture"

3. then in the browser section you pick what picture you like to use and hit upload...

4.... noted: in your browser section you will need to have some pictures saved somewhere in your computer( mine is on MY Pictures)

5. click on POST

and it should work, i hope...

it takes a while for the picture to show up, but if you click on 'refresh' you will see the pic right away..

if this did not work for you, bunny.... ( im not so good with uploading pics) tell me and i will ask someone else how to do it...)


Seems like good instructions to me maureen!

i sure hope so, lilac!!!!! cross my fingers!!!!LOL!!! i think my fiancee showed me how to upload my pics last year..i was clueless..LOL..... i dont even know how i post mine-im just---im just --used to it, i guess! ha!

thanks lilac!

If you want you can also email me the pic at [email protected] and I will do it for you.


good idea, VIC!!!!

Ok. Thank you everyone.

Did it work bunny?

Im having a problem changing my picture. I remove the old one, and browse and pick a new one i want, yet i still see the old you guys see a picture of the ocean or of people?

i see two women--one with red hair one with brwon hair. i like it!

is that the one you wanted??

Yeppers! I still see my old photo, strange. I'm the one with red hair.

ok ---this happens sometimes---ummm you need to click on refresh--on the top of your screen. it takes a while but it should come up...

and i do love your pic!!


I must be hopeless, or in really rough shape – I don’t see an ocean OR people! (hair or no hair) (:<) Um, I see flowers. Really nice, pretty flowers, I should say. Maybe this is why I can’t ever see my own pictures? Seriously, I tried posting from my pictures a while ago. I’d tried to load a photo of my Bulldog – but I don’t know what happened. It looked like Magritte-themed wall paper . . . or something (umbrellas everywhere, guys floating around, in city-scapes) No, seriously, that’s what I saw. Definately no Bulldog. When I tried again, I lost the umbrella cr*p. But I haven’t been able to load anything else. Did I actually just abbreviate the word crap? Clearly I need help.
Okay, so screen needs refreshing? And I need a nap.
We’ll just try it again, later.


Flowers?! Whoa I'm very confused too!!

Replies 8, 9, 11, and 14 are all oceans.

yep lilac now i see oceans!!!!!!!!!!


Lol guess ocean it is :p

Finally, an ocean!
Lilac, I refreshed the screen, again, and now your pic is an ocean. I'd just gotten so used to seeing the pink/lilac colored flowers (sort of blossoms on a bush, I guess). I figured it was a reference to your username. How long has it been changed? To either hairy women, or whatever, or oceans? Maybe my computer missed some really important uplink, or a reality check -- or it needs therapy.
So, now that I'm synch -- maybe I'll try the photo-loading-shuffle. Here's hoping, anyway.

Thanks, y'all

Lol@hairy women. I changed the photo yesterday to me and a friend, and yes, we both had hair so I suppose we were hairy? :p