How do u cope with losing the one person that talked to you

How do u cope with losing the one person that talked to you all day and didn't get tired of it?

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Distract. Distract. Distract. Probably the only DBT skill I'm good at right now. XD

@FightingDreamer Nothing is helping me distract myself. I hate myself cause all I can think of is how bad life is and how maybe it would be better if it ended. I don’t want to think like this. I know its bad and I know things will get better. But right now I feel like its just a bit to much

Please let me know. I feel lost and alone now that my person stop talking to me

@justme2388 yupe it ain’t easy. I say try to find someone else. I just don’t want to move on myself but I have to so I can survive.

If only it was that easy. I want to move on it. I am so ready to be pass this point. But instead I found out I was pregnant so now we stuck for lack of the better words. But I'm still ready to be pass this part

@justme2388 you can still move on. It’ll just take a little more time. Is he at least owning up to you being pregnant?

I remember that feeling. I had that too onve upon a time. Then he left and I was crushed. Grieve for the loss of the relationship as long as you want. No one expects you to bounce back immediately. How long has it been? Do you still see this person once in a while?

@FightingDreamer its been 3 months and every month she tells me she misses me and still loves me and once in a while I’ll get a drunk naughty text. And when she sobers up she asks to be intimate and I couldn’t resist so that has hurt the process of moving on. Its just all doo doo

Yea he is... We were planning our lives together. I know he will be a great father.. But when I imagine this moment it was polar different. We would be doing everything together. And he wants me to be crazy happy about our baby and I am but I'm also grieving us

@justme2388 its natural to grieve a bit. If the timing sucks than yeah its something to be a bit upset about. But you guys will figure it out

You have to want it to be over.. And you have to want to leave. That's the only way to really be strong enough.

@justme2388 That’s a tall order…I want that day to come tho

It will.. And I'm offering to be your buffer if need one. We are in the same boat

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@justme2388 we can help each other. How far along are you. I think the high of having a kid might wear off and soon he’ll be able to talk about what u want to

Deal! i will be six weeks tomorrow. Very early still

@justme2388 yeah the high will go down a bit. Very early indeed, What do u want to get across his mind?

I have no idea. Apart of me wants us to try and work this out. But I want him to want me for me. Not because I'm giving him his baby. But then a part of me just want us to be over. He gave up on us so fast I don't even know what happen. And someone that's willing to do I'm not sure I want apart of my life

@justme2388 I hear ya I hated that she just gave up on me too. I’d say yeah just wait at one point he will have to listen and take it seriously and after u guys talk u can make your decision.

Its funny because as the days go by. I am realizing this won't be easy alone. But something I think I can do.