How do u get past it?

It has been 7 yrs since my husband cheated on me, and it still feels like yesterday. I hate having a stpdaughter, because it is a daily reminder of wht he did. I am paranoid all the time. I feel so helpless, and defeated. I am always waiting for the bottom to drop. And the fact tht she has another child is not helping. He says it is not his, but I don't knw. I am just so alone right now._

stuckhere - if you want to be with your husband you have to learn to trust him again. if he hasn't cheated in 7 years then perhaps he has shown you it was a one time thing. The only way to have a healthy relationship is to find trust and forgiveness. If you can't then perhaps you may think about parting ways. have you talked to him about your feelings? maybe you can go to a therapist of marriage counselor to help out.

Also about the child, you should do a dna test to see if it is his. is the child involved in your life? i hope that you can find peace and work through your feelings.

stuck here

im so sorry that u are still finding it hard to accept the past and that its overshadowing the here and now but victoria has some good advice so i wont repeat it

the only thing i can add is that it isnt the childs fault what the adults did so if u are involved with her life just try and make a relationship with her u can happily sustain

hope u have a better day

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)