How do you accept your healthy weightbody

hello friends.. missing you all and hoping you are doing well

im putting together a presentation, and was wondering if any of you had some thoughts on this..

How do YOU accept your healthy weight/body? or how did you get to that point?

(in terms of getting to that point in recovery, and maintaining it..)

:) hugs

i wish i knew, but i haven't accepted that yet. am also interested in seeing what others have to say about this

V....what helped me was to focus on the great things my healthy body (weight) allows me to do..such as not be tired all the time, to laugh, to be less anxious, for younger women-to be able to bear children, to ride my bike (not obsessively), to truly LOVE, to focus less on how I look, and more on how I feel.
Also, after stabilizing at my healthy weight, I began to reap the rewards of a complete change of more ED obsessions and thoughts, etc.
I guess all in all, realizing and experiencing both ends of the spectrum...nearly dying at a low weight, and fully living at a healthy weight. What would YOU pick?
I hope that helps....take care...Jan ♥

For me, after I recovered from bulimia, it was all about regaining and maintaining a healthy body. To me, it's all about feeling energized and keeping my body at a good healthy fitness level, rather than being thin. When I was bulimic, I was constantly feeling drained/exhausted, my skin looked bad (dry and constant break-outs), as well I was sick quite often....and that in and of itself was exhausting. In addition, I started to lose hair and all of that scared me straight. I got help and have never looked back since.

I learned to love my body for what it is and I feel beyond blessed with what I have. As long as I have my health, then I am happy.

I think along the same lines as Jan... I was asked a couple of times this morning if I am HAPPY with my current weight. Uh, NOOO!! But... I try to focus on the improvements that have come with being a healthy weight. My skin is much improved. My nails are strong and not split. I can sit on the floor! :) I'm not unbearably cold all the time. My hair is no longer breaking and falling out. I feel stronger. I'm no longer getting constant dizzy spells. My life includes more than exercise, work, and obsessing about food. Not MUCH more, YET, but more. ♥ I have learned to speak for myself; to ask for help and to ACCEPT IT! I've made a lot of growth in my understanding of WHY I've struggled with my ED(s) for so many years. I'm feeling less sorry for myself, and more empowered. :)

Love you, V! ♥


Also another great post with what I'm dealing with.I guess I'm at a point right now I just want this all to be over for good and I'm trying to figure out how to accept myself as healthy and not go back to the ED.