How do you become more assertive or express yourself ? If yo

How do you become more assertive or express yourself ? If you grew up with an abusive parent that controlled you or attacked you/was aggressive, manipulated you through guilt messages, had high expectations, and didn't acknowledge your situation ever... I feel like I have become a doormat in my relationships and don't express my view because I don't feel like my view is important or fear getting attacked or ridiculed . I want to be able to share my thoughts more and be assertive. Any ideas?

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It's good to remember that if someone is taking the time out of their day to talk to you, they want to hear your opinions and what you have to say. If someone attacks or ridicules you for having an opinion, then they are not worth talking to. As for sharing your thoughts, I suggest finding someone you know is open minded and you know won't ridicule you and talk to them about your views on current events and slowly move towards topics more personal to you. Slowly easing your way towards the convocation can make it less daunting and easier

@itsme12 that is true , I do have a few friends that are like that and some that just are rude or ignore…I

at least you have some open minded friends! I can't stress enough how good to feels to discuss your opinions with someone else who is mature enough to have a civil discussion and when the convocation starts, it gets easier from there on

I'm older now, and loving it. In my forties I would start to assert myself. I've recently read a book on introverts and leadership. And.. I find people appreciate us too. I'm a great listener. One thing I've recently realized... a great number of us all struggle with our mistakes.. including the petty errors that are so small other people don't remember them.