How do you ever resume a normal sex life again after hsv2 d

How do you ever resume a normal sex life again after hsv2 diagnosis? My boyfriend just broke up with me because we don’t have enough sexy time. I am terrified of breaking out or spreading to him, or to other parts of me. I’m on antiviral and he is comfortable without protection. But I just can’t let it go, so I’ve been avoiding or making not as frequent. Which is extra difficult with a long distance relationship. Please help. I cannot relax about this and I’ve lost him.

DaisyMae It probably doesn’t seem like it now, but you’ve probably dodged a bullet. If he was wanting to be intimate without protection, I think I would have gone with that. As long as he understood the risks. I suspect there were other reasons why he broke up or he was interested in one thing only. That type of relationship is never lasting. Define normal. Normal is probably different for everyone. Yes, it should change since you’ll have to be more careful or you will pass it along. I would always disclose and use protection.

Hi DaisyMae, not sure how long you guys been dating but if you disclosed your condition and he's willing to have sex without protection, I would've just went with it. He's a grown man and can make his own decisions. As for dating with HSV2, I'm still fairly new in accepting my condition (April 2023). I've been talking/dating guys and some really just don't care and will ask for knowledge. The others felt a type of way and they don't judge. Just that can't accept it for health reasons on their end and I understand. Can't remember who wrote on here about it but YOU ARE YOUR WORST CRITIC. Forget what others think and enjoy life. You deserve nothing but the best and if the ones that don't see your worth, they are not worth your time either.

there are tons of videos on youTube about sex with herpes

as posted above, "Don't Be Your Worst Enemy". in my 38yrs of history, knowing your body's signs cold will help you prevent transmission. i never passed it with all those i've dated.

your partner is an adult and you BOTH as ADULTS shall ***Share The Decision "JOINTLY"***!!! you just cut your own throat by denying him any pleasures. i don't blame him! i deal with that topic my entire life but that's another topic...