How do you explain the narcs abusive behavior to laymen so t

How do you explain the narcs abusive behavior to laymen so they can understand or at least get an idea of what they do?

I just tell people to read up on it, cuz people just don't get it. it's almost a waste of time. I gave up trying to explain anymore. unless you have been sucked into the toxic abyss, no one will ever have a complete appreciation of what a victim has gone through :(

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@1tomanytears well said! I give up trying to explain to people that aren’t aware of it- it’s a waste of your breath- unless you been through it! sad but true- no matter how many times I’ve told my close friend- she still don’t get it! so I just don’t bother no more telling her

You have to mention the manipulation and the threats the way they project their feelings on you then blame you for them. How they withhold affection or material things until you "comply" to their wishes.
How they isolate you from friends and family to gain more control . The way they use criticisms to undermine your self esteem and make you begin to question yourself. And the way they come on strong to hook you fast then slowly subtly come in for the kill strike and suck the life and joy out of you.

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@Secureszq so true! I would hate the kill strike and suck my life out of me! ughhh that part would drain me for days- I would feel so confused and depressed and hurt! I felt like how can I ever make him happy what do I do…ughhh…