How do you feel about people in their twenties whose

How do you feel about people in their twenties whose parents still support them? I have a lot of friends who are about 22-25 whose parents still pay all of their rent, utilities, and give them spending money. I understand a lot of them just got out of college and its hard to find a job but i see a lot of them are not motivated to even look for a job or become financially independent from their parents anytime soon. I have always worked hard for everything I have and I can say my parents stopped financially supporting me after I went away to college. I've always had multiple jobs even growing up and in high school. I was shocked to learn that many people I went to college with had never even had a real job in their life. Do you think the parents are to blame? By not teaching their children the importance of responsibility and independence not to mention the value of money.

Yes, I do think parents are to blame, if you don't teach your child at a young age to appreciate what they are provided, then how can they suddenly be expected to understand, let alone care when they go off to school? If all they are expected to do is get passing grades and party, how are they prepared for even an entry level job? My college was paid for by my grandparents and I didn't have to work (I would during the summers), but once I graduated I knew I had to land a job and I have been working ever since. I was given money since the time I was 13 and had to budget it for whatever I needed, it was a fabulous lesson, one I fully intend to replicate with my kids.

It is easy being taken care of, my sister has always been taken care of and now that the money has run out, she is in her mid twenties and really floundering because she never learned to be an adult.


It's okay! People have different reasons. I'm not shocked being mindful and in a diverse population. Parents are not to blame but it's really circumstances such as the job market and increasing tuition rates to blame. People have different values as well perspectives and need to be mindful of others than only themselves.

I started supporting myself right after high school, when I got my first full-time job. My parents didn't charge me much at all, but paying room and board taught me responsibility and appreciation. I moved out on my own when I was nearly 22 but I wish I hadn't. It hurt my mother. She's deceased now -- do you think there's any way I can tell her I'm sorry and ask her forgiveness? I should have stayed with her and helped her out. I feel I've committed an unforgivable sin.

Nicely elaborated!

I think a teenager should have a job to pay for their food and clothes and transportation so they know how to survive, then if they fail their parents can help (depending on the situation, i.e., they didn't blow all their gas money on something useless). Parents teach them how to manage their money while they grow up with a safety net. Instead of high school they should intern or learn a trade.

Of course different strokes for different folks, but this is how I would choose to be raised.