How do you follow your meal plan?

So I have a questionfor those of you who are following a meal plan.

As of two days ago, Jan has been generous enough to help me get on a meal plan to start my road to recovery. I know it's really early into this but already I am having some problems. So I started my first two days days I knew I'd be eating alot. But today I just couldn't. How do you follow yours? Any tips or ideas? I just can't really wrap my head around it.. Hopefully this is the only day in a while I have issues with reaching it - I know I'll probably have more- but I can't even imagine reachig the right amount.

Following a meal plan is difficult. It requires going against your rules, your thoughts about food, and fighting that voice in your head. It's not an easy task.

Something that worked for me in early recovery was realizing that my body was simply not working properly. My decision-making skills were distorted, my sense of hunger and fullness were completely gone, and any thoughts I had of how to properly take care of my body were just out the window. I basically had to admit that I was incapable of making health-related decisions for myself, and I had to put my trust in someone else. Scary. I know. Super scary.

My first task was to gradually increase my protein over the course of one month and introduce a certain amount of caloric fluids per day. It was hard, and some days I simply did not meet the quota. But I gotta tell you, having someone else make that decision for me was great. I didn't have to battle the voice in my head, I just said, "Well, ED, this lady says we gotta do it, and for now we're just going to follow the rules." For a while it WAS about following rules and eating not one more gram of protein than she said... then after a month or so it was about WANTING to eat because I was starting to feel better.

The best advice I have is to make that commitment to yourself. Look at that meal plan every day and say, "I'm going to work as hard as I can to do today's meal plan because my life is important to me," or something similar that may work for you. Remind yourself why you're doing it.

And remember... keep talking!!! :)

Good advice, Heather!

I, too, came to that conclusion... I realized that MY way wasn't working... It had brought me to a very desperate place and my body was failing. I decided to put my trust in Jan and in my therapist, and just try out their way. I reminded myself that if I didn't feel better doing things their way, I could always choose to go back. -Not really a recovery-centered thought, but it allowed me to follow the meal plan... And eventually, I DID feel better. :) There were still days when my ED fought like hell! Days when I had to be reminded to eat mechanically and go against my hunger and thinking miscues. It's HARD... But worth it. ♥

Hang in there! And keep writing!! :)



Thanks for the ideas! Thad great motivation for me. I knew it was going to be hard but I really think when I am having a bad day or a tough time following my meal plan, your ideas on how to art strong and follow the meal plan.

Thanks :)


you guys are so great..I have been hearing the ED voice becoming stronger as each day goes by.My emotional state has a huge effect on how I manage my meal plan.Ive had more than a few slips lately because I have been so emotional lately..
Mechanical eating is the only way for me to get through it.
Im afraid of slipping even more and know its important for me to start setting up appointments a.s.a.p

It is much easier to have someone else make those decisions for you.

So true, Grace! ♥ Hang in there, dear! :)

Love you!


Hey allee I just want to let you know that I've just asked Jan for a meal plan and I'll be getting it pretty soon and I am definitely nervous about it! We can help each other try and stay on track :)



That sounds fantastic! It is hard, and youll have good and bad days but having someone going through the same exact thing is always comforting :)

message me anytime


Support partners! Beautiful! ♥

swimcat...haven't forgotten you....just a busy week. I will be getting with you tomorrow with more details. Hang in there! Yes Jen, we are all support partners!!
Love you all...Jan ♥