How do you get over the lonliness that no one understands my inside views

i've been living with bipolar for 20 years and still i try to explain and people close to me don't understand, it's not realistic. i know. i've had a pretend friend then i conjured up talking with god for the past four years and now? i feel helpless because my faith is screwed up and thinking god understood was everything to me until i was forced to realize it was an hallucination then it stopped so yea it was. ugh. i'm alone inside. i am going to marry my boyfriend i love him but he stuggles to understand too. i'm told i'm so intelligent always so yea with that being said, why is my illness smarter than me. it always tricks me, i'm not as smart as bipolar. so, i assume i'll continue living a life of confusion, it sucks and what i should do is accept my difficult walk in this life, i guess.

As your aware it is something that has to be managed through out your life & yes at time will be difficult trying to get people to understand whats going on inside. I not sure if that is a realistic outlook though for others to always understand or be aware of other peoples illness/issues in life etc.... (I'm not bipolar, my husband IS w/more disorders)

Thank you for your post & take care of you.


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