How do you get your outbreaks to not spread?!?!

How do you get your outbreaks to not spread?!!?!

I'm 63 and had Herpes since I was a small child (My Mother Had Herpes=Fever Blister in those days). I have found that Non-Prescription Abreva ($15'ish for a small tube) is the only thing that works topically. You Need to stop the spread as soon as possible, so when I start feeling burning around my lips or genital area, I no matter what rub a small layer of Non-Prescription Abreva cream on the area every 4hrs. This often stops the growth. With doing it early, there may not be any see'able outbreak, Also Prescription Valtrex or Generic Acyclovir works from the inside. I use both when the burning-stinging starts immediately and have not had a see'able by others break out in years. Hope this Helps...

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Also keep it clean and dry. You may not be able to stop the spread. Just dont touch them and touch elsewhere.

@karma-is do you have a family? I'm afraid of never finding anyone. Sorry if this is personal

Hello zzzz, Every One has Family, but Mine are **** (Angry, Violent, Liars, Narcissistic), So No ;];];] I've been married too many times and LOVEEEEE the independent life I live today. You're afraid of Never Finding Any One. Since You Asked, What's Your Situation, Age, Look, Essence???

I am 25 graduate student. I am petite, blonde hair, cute! A lot of guys like me thats probably how i caught it from being a *** haha but I'm afraid if i tell the one i really like he won't want to be with me anymore? did you find it hard to have men accept it?

im smart and will have a great career, have great friends, am super social and pretty spiritual so idk ? I’m just dealing with low self esteem at this point @karma-is

zzzz, 1 in 5 people have the herpes virus, look around a grocery store and count, 5 people, 1 has it, many folks have it. I've had it my entire life and have never spread it as I have no contact with others when I have an outbreak. So Be Careful, Many will Love You, Smart, Not Bad Looking. Once you establish a relationship share that you have herpes and if it ends, and I have NEVER had one end because of this sharing, it ends. Your in a miraculous time in history where medical knowledge will figure out virus' soon, and this will not be an issue. If you confront your idiot friend, he may feel embarrassed and deny having it. This is Not a Big Deal, It's Common. Please, Your an Educated, Beautiful, Articulate, Well Spoken, Young Lady, Think Less about it and Have Fun, Live, Love, Play.

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@karma-is thanks so much! hopefully the outbreak stops soon, i just started taking that V word medication lol

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Get Abreve Also, Walmart is the Cheapest, but Everyone carries It, It's a small tube $15, so a high theft item, so sometimes you have to ask for it. You can also get the Valtrex/Generic Acyclovir in large quantities and take it daily to help suppress it coming, but that doesn't always work. Unprotected Sex is Great Fun, Spontaneous, Exciting, Everything Flowing, Life is Good, but HIV and HepC will change your life Dramatically, So Be Smart

Look, Men mostly just want to get their genitalia wet, Be Very Selective, but Know that these Diseases are Not about Good and Bad People, they’re Just Virus’, Like the Flu, Many People Get Them, If Disease did not Exist, I would Say Play Endlessly, Love, Live, Laugh, but For Now think about Trying to Explain HIV to a New Guy, It Changes Everything and Your Health Is Important!!!

I don't have HIV or Hep C though.. so i should be worried about it right? You're just saying hypothetically ? @karma-is

Right, Worry is Not Healthy, But You Can Contract HIV or HepC Just as Easily as You Did Herpes, Just Be Smart, We could be sharing a much worse scenario than Herpes, Condoms are Your Friend ;] I'm Gonna Hit It, Sleep Well

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@karma-is thank you again for the help!!!!

zzzz It's Been My Honor to Know You, Live a Long and Prosperous Life, Intimacy is a Wondrous Thing and Finding it Only in Youthful Sexual Exploration seems Exciting and Progressive, But in Reality has Long Term Consequences (Unwanted Child, Diseases, Life Long Haunting Abortion, Stuck With a Poor Choice Partner for Years) that Shake Your Soul's Being Forever. You have Done Much Young Lady, Be Great, Experience the Intimacy in You and Surrounding You Everywhere, Needing to Finding a Partner is Seeking Co-Dependence Over In-Dependence, Live, Love, Be Well My Precious Friend, Namaste...

@Karma-Is hey, I was reading another post you had and I was wondering if you could clear up for me- you say the abreva also works on your genital area? Some tell me no, it’s only for cold sores. But I swear I read a post you say it helps both for you. Let me know! Thank u so much.

I used a cold sore anti viral. I would only apply on outside sores. Herpes blisters are blisters

Herpes is a soft tissue attacking virus that hides in our spinal fluid, thus never going away. Mine attack with times of stress (Dieting, Life Sucks Moments=Divorce-Career Difficulties-Relationship Uncertainties, Etc.) Herpes A attacks the Mouth Area and Herpes B the Genitalia Area, It's the same Virus, just attacking different soft tissue areas. So, Abreva (Works Great!!!). lisajd had reflected in past posts to keep dry if possible (Excellent Advice) as it likes wet and is correct, Abreva should not be used internally. Having said this, Putting Abreva on your mouth lips can get it into your mouth a little. I try not to eat to much, lol, but I have never had a problem from using it on my lips or genitalia. On genitalia, women have more inner area than men and should be reasonable about depth of usage in wet areas, but I have used on my genital herpes many time and it always helps. The sooner you put it on (Stinging-Burning Feeling) the faster and better it will work. One last thought since I am pontificating on a life long pain in the *** virus (63yrs=My Mother Had It and Gave it to Me Very Young, Accidently I'm Sure=No Blame), but this is extremely Important, it is a soft tissue virus and can be transmitted by yourself by touching it, to your eyes or from mouth to genitalia, or from genitalia to mouth, Not a Good Thing, So being Smart and Careful after touching the areas blistering is Imperative, Good Luck, We're in Technologically Wondrous Times and I Believe Virus' will be understood and irradiated in the recent future, so good news for Herpes Suffers. Good Luck Bewitched64