How do you give someone space if you love her so much. What

How do you give someone space if you love her so much. What does space mean does it mean it's done between us or is there hope?

Their is always hope. "Space" gets lost in translation. It means something different to every woman.

22 December will be me and my girlfriends 4th year and she ended thing today she told me she didn't love me for the past 2years. Everything was still ok until Wednesday afternoon and then it all went black from there on. It is so confusing I don't really know why or what she doest give me the answers I need from her in fact up and until now I don't really know why. I know where I was wrong and I am working on it but it was clearly not good enough.

maybe it wasnt you

We had a hart to hart today and it was a really good talk we said what we needed to thing that we didn't got out and it just builded more and more. We did come to a conclusion that we will give each other bit of space. She is going with her parents for the holiday. We must work on our self's now so that we can be better when we together. I must work on my talking skills and affection and trust. I don't really have a trust issue but some days it gets me because we do have a long distance relationship. I am willing to do anything to make this work. I just need some advice on how to do this how do I beter myself?