How do you guys cope with this whole 'not feeling like you'r

How do you guys cope with this whole 'not feeling like you're worth a **** thing' thing?... It's strong lately.

I went through this numerous times when I was in active addiction. Feeling like I was alone, worthless, a joke, a burden... To tell you the truth I'm not sure that I know exactly what pulled me out of it. I suppose a combination of getting clean (Feb 26,2012) and having an incredible support system to boost me back up. Just know that you are worth while, and everybody in this world has a purpose. Someday, when you find what works for you, and come through all this on the other side, there will be somebody who needs your help to pick them back up. Everybody is important. There's a quote by Robert Frost which runs through my head weekly, if not daily. "In three words I can sum up all that I've learned about life - it goes on". Isn't that so right if you think about it? Good or bad, fun or dull, life goes on... Might as well make it a good one, right?

I used to feel this way in my teens and early 20s. I went to therapy, went on an anti-depressant for many years, read lots of self-help books, and set small goals for myself. The feeling of accomplishing something is what really kept me going. Also, I decided to get really good at something, so I chose my job. It really helped with my self confidence.