How do you know if you've officially cracked?

at what point should I just be in a hospital? I had an episode at work today, and I think I have finally cracked. `I ended up in a bathroom literally pulling on my hair, rocking, and silently laughing and crying hysterically. I scared myself today. I'm having violent thoughts, not ever enough to actually do anything, so please don't call the cops yet, but I do find my self enjoying the thought of it in a very idealistic way. I worry that if I tell my doctor this she will send me to the psych ward (and not a nice quiet hospital, but a packed county holding cell). I basically got told that the slights against me that I perceive at work are imaginary, even though others see these behavior all the time as well. As someone who came into work very emotionally unstable as of late, hearing this, or at least perceiving this from the conversation, really broke me. Now i'm wondering if I really am just imagining these behaviors from my coworkers. I doubt even the thoughts in my own head at this point.

if it were me, i would want to have/find someone, doctor/therapist that i can confide in. you shouldn't be going thru this w/o help. this is a great site for venting, but local professional support is essential.