How do you know when it is time to ends things with a passiv

How do you know when it is time to ends things with a passive aggressive narc?

When you get there I don't think you will have to ask TBH.

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I would say right around the time you realize they're a passive aggressive narc. I almost wish mine was, but he's just plain aggressive, narcissistic sociopath. Get out while you can.

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Sadly, Narcs hardly ever change. It's an illness. One of my sisters is a narc, and I have tried my whole life to have some sort of relationship with her-and it's been a disaster. I have had to cease my relationship with her, as it was too toxic and too much of a one-sided relationship.

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Oh my god it's almost like you are reading my mail. I got so tangled up with one after going to Coda for 4 years you think I'd know better! We all learn at our own pace

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Today... I am going to try to focus on my life and what I want and need to do. The thought of being without him brings great relief and if I was in a position to function on my own, I'd do it. But.. he has silently stripped everything away..blew up my car engine blames it on..chance? No drivers license since we can't afford job because I can't get there etc etc etc etc. I need a miracle.

@tink777 little by little these people strip everything away from us. You are going to have to be very strong it is taking me everything I have to stay away from the narciopath just remember you don’t have to transmit everything you’re thinking

I wish you the best with moving on from him and figuring out your life. It'll be like ripping off a bandaid.. Painful then relief.

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as soon as you know about the narc get out and run! he will never change- no matter what kind of narc he is-

Thank you..... that is a great, practical step to take. I am quite transparent with who I am and what I feel and think, and I've now learned that he will indeed, use any or all of it against me. Today.. Im practicing the art of shhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

footnote: 2 minutes after I finished writing all this, I received a text about a possible job. OUT OF THE BLUE :))))))))))))))))))))))

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That's great news!!! I hope it works out for you!!

The minute you had the revelation he's a narc is the minute you take to the door And RUN!!!

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When you find out he's a passive aggressive narc.

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From my experience with a narc...I was being suckered in and had no idea. They are genius' in disguise at knowing how to manipulate their victims and if you think you can just keep going believe me you're getting further suckered in and that makes it impossible to leave. I have always been a strong, independent, stubborn individual, but his mission was to destroy those strong traits of mine and leave me as an empty shell. They feed off of that and the part that pisses me off is that I was so blind I had no idea what was happening until I tried to leave. I always knew something didn't feel right, but I turned a blind eye. I will never do that again. There are more important things in life than having a relationship especially an unhealthy one I was in. Never again...sometimes you win...sometimes you learn!! Make the best decisions for are the only thing standing in your way. Take this job and start again, believe me he isn't worth it and there will be others. You're beautiful and you will find happiness without him...I say all this because you wouldn't be here if you didn't think there was something wrong. Listen to your gut!!! Good Luck :0)

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Do you know how crazy it is to listen to others know my story to a T??? It's like waking up from a bad dream. I'm so encouraged knowing that its not my fault. He slowly withdrew more and more and I tried harder and harder became even more loving! Odd thing ..softer I became meaner he got.

@tink777 it’s never going to get any better

I'm seeing this!! So how do you starve out the supply that they are used to? Mine withdraws..?

You are asking a lot of the questions I asked myself when I first found out about NPD. I wish I had got out at first sign but instead I stayed another 3 years trying to fix things or adapt to her behavior. When you are truly ready to understand that he will never change and staying with him will destroy every part of you are you will leave and stay gone. I hope you’re wiser then I was and leave without going through the additional pain.