How does having a true friend feels like? :/ Do i have one b

How does having a true friend feels like? :/ Do i have one by my side? I can't help but feeling like all this 'friendship' are just fakes. That they never truly exists. Do i trust them? Can i actually trust them? Who are those that i can call friends? Am i a friend to them? Do they treasure me, just like i treasure them? Soemhow, it always feel one-sided. Like i'm the only one trying in this 'relationship'. I feel so lonely, even whn i'm not alone. I'm so tired. i don't know what to do :( I want to give up but i can't, no matter how hard i try. Everything is so complicated D:

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I think this way at times I think who can I call but realize no one text me back or answers their phone I have gone to some support groups for a few reasons and I just figure I need more friends because everyone is so busy with life social media and such. Maybe join some thing in your area that you like doing so you can have a common interest or volonteer.

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@wanttolearn Honestly, i’m not sure if that’ll help. It’ll take me a long time to get comfortable around new people. And, i’m kinda scared and tired of meeting new people and making friends. I feel like it’s gonna keeping happening and i get so tired thinking about it. And my insecurities often stop me from contacting others when i want to, because i’m afraid i’ll bother them :d

True, I feel the same way!

@ashton.lewis I hope we’ll find people to share our happiness and sadness. People we can rely on. People that will continue to stay by our side no matter what happen. Keep holding on.

@theriverbends Exactly! Believe or not, i’ve been trying to trust others or myself. But i guess it’s just really hard when evrything i do feels so wrong. Thanks for the advice though.