How does one stop stupid obsessions? I just seem to not be a

How does one stop stupid obsessions? I just seem to not be able to!! It's frustrating af. This is killing me. Please help.

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I'm not sure but I hope u can perhaps find something to distract you, like a nice YouTube channel or exercise. I think exercise is good for you perhaps the gym then u can be distracted. Love and hugs

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@hernameislauren I have hobbies, but even that doesn’t stop the urge.

Have u tried therapy for it before?

@hernameislauren Yes, I’ve done therapy for OCD specifically before. Helped for a bit.

Does anything trigger it that you could stay away from or is it just out of nowhere and all the time?

it's hard to change habits, just think about how long you conditioned yourself to have these obsessions or habits, we can't expect to change that overnight. Yes it's super frustrating, you'll get super upset at yourself for going back to the things that you're comfortable with now, but with time it will get easier as long as you stick with it. Train your mind to take a different path. As soon as you find yourself slipping back into the patterns you're wanting to change do what you have to in order to redirect your actions/thoughts. Soon you'll catch yourself sooner and sooner and it will be easier and easier to course correct until you're doing it almost automatically. Its a rough road but it can be worthwhile!

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I know the feeling. It’s so hard to get past. Your statement about it being like a drug is actually spot on. Your brain has gotten used to the chemical release that comes with the addiction. For me when I get stressed my mind wants it’s safety blanket and that’s been porn, so when I tell it no, it throws a tantrum and I get panicky and anxiety riddled. That is why for things like porn and sex addiction it’s incredibly important to have an accountability person. There are programs, like covenant eyes, to help you not feel so alone in the process. The biggest issue with this type of addiction is that it’s SO easy to do it in secrecy, there are typically no physical signs to a porn addiction other than isolating, but it’s not like you’re acting crazy from the high you get or you’re getting sick from the lack of your drug, or gaining massive amounts of weight that over eaters do, so the darkness is a big factor that you have to take into account with a sex/porn addiction. But again, training your brain is difficult no matter what it’s about, but it’s very possible.