How does trauma affect the brain? The Hippocampus processes

How does trauma affect the brain?
The Hippocampus processes the trauma by recycling the memories mostly at night, by dreams, over a period of months. It then transfers this memory to another part of the brain. High levels of stress hormones cause the hippocampus to shrink, resulting in impaired function. Childhood trauma exaggerates this effect. The trauma memory therefore remains unprocessed, disintegrated, fragmented and feels ‘current’ rather than in the past. The Amygdala is the brain’s fear centre. It stores memories, particularly emotions and physical sensations. It also controls activation of stress hormones. In PTSD, the Amygdala becomes over-reactive, causing frequent high levels of stress hormones. The Pre-frontal Cortex helps us to assess threats, manage emotions and plan responses. It is the centre of rational thinking. Childhood trauma causes under-development of this area which results in impaired ability to assess threats, manage emotions and control impulses. In PTSD the following cycle occurs: The Hippocampus recalls part of the fragmented memory. The Amygdala reacts by re-experiencing the event. It interprets it as a current threat. You may experience flashbacks now. The Pre-frontal Cortex, unable to rationalize or determine that the situation is not a current threat, attempts to escape or avoid distressing memories and feelings. This means that the memory is never processed, so the symptoms remain. (Found on a page that didn't identify the author.)

Yeah this happens to a lot of the people here on support groups, the brain only wants want thing and that is to survive, so it starts reacting constantly on perceived threats even if they aren't there or long gone. Meaning that some people here live in constant stress or reliving of their trauma.

It's important to redirect these people back into the right direction. A good thing of the human brain is that it is flexible and it can rewire thoughts into a more constructive direction, especially through talking and coming to a new understanding people can actively start realizing that the treat is no longer there, and that therefore the feelings of fear are no longer necessary. But this can be a difficult process and might require a psychiatrist to achieve. That is if it can still be fixed.