How has your week been? Are you ready for a relaxing weekend

How has your week been? Are you ready for a relaxing weekend?
I have had a good few days. A little drama but we got through it.
Ready to rest!

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I’m ready for weekend. I started my cleanse. I’m definitely eating less calories. It’s actually not that hard right now. I feel like continuing for little longer. I’m looking forward to weekend, and hopefully sleeping in!

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@Foundlove heck yeah! i found the first few days of cutting back was easy too because i needed it. I was tempted to eat again out of boredom ,tired and just wanting to taste these gluten free Lara bars. But i stop and think about it. do i really need that? every 250 calorie snack or meal adds up and makes a difference at the end of the week.
if you exercised for 20 or 30 minutes to burn 250 calories, that’s a big deal. So i don’t want to consume it when i don’t need it. I already ate a salad.
After i thought about it, i grabbed some cold water out of fridge and left kitchen.
little tricks like this add up. Next thing you know, you’ve burned 5 pounds of fat off your body!
since i am tired, I’m not staying up late. putting myself to bed.
Another trick when wanting to eat at night is think about what your going to have in the morning instead. look forward to that. I would rather eat in the morning.
make some herbal tea at night and drink cold water. If you like lemon or lime juice in there add that. Maybe chew gum.
I’m starting my day with lemon water and then celery juice. I will have a little carrot juice, apple,orange and i’ll eat a salad for dinner with a potato. I might have the Lara Bar too. I’m going to think about that instead of eaating now. I will sleep better.balance my hormones.
I’ll check in tomorrow. Goodnight.
It’s good when we have an appetite. the longer we wait, the more we enjoy it when we have something. We eat slower and less. .

Mines been a little exhausting, fighting the tension in my body, nurse and physical therapist swinging in helping to give me new exercises. I's tired, down right worn out! LOL looking forward to just hanging out with myself. : )

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@DearPeace proud of you for working so hard on your physical therapy. Now you’ve earned a break. Thanks for checking in.