How is everyone doing? are you in a good place? are you st

how is everyone doing? are you in a good place? are you struggling? How can we as a group help you? I believe that talking about issues, and just being to voice your feelings, tell others and get support is very therapeutic. There is no shame is sharing and asking for help when a person needs it.

I want to kill myself for all the harm my selfish addiction to getting Male sexual attention has caused.

@Ejjohnson are you getting support for the addiction? have you tried things? you are not alone, i have felt that way. i had so much shame at first, it was huge and i got into a major depression. Feel free to reply here or message me directly.

Thank you! I really just need to talk about it without judgement. I was diagnosed with major recurrent depression for years. When I was in my 20s I were could just pick out any guy from a show or bar or wherever and would do a little seduction thing and it gave me validation and there was no commitment involved. But now, I'm older, I'm physically not as attractive as I was and as m st the age where everyone around me is moving on and I feel stagnant. I have used my body and hypersexuality as a coping mechanism for so long and done so much damage I feel hopeless. I have always had extremely low af esteem and feelings of worthlessness but now that I've destroyed the only person who really loved me,n despite my many many faults, that I'm completely out of options and time.

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@Ejjohnson self esteem, that is huge factor with myself also. it is a major struggle i know. I have had to take a lot of the past three years and learn to love myself more, build my confidence, challenge myself to work hard. It has helped but it is so hard a lot of the day. just remember to take things one day at a time,