How is everyone doing? Well i hope. If you are not, how can

how is everyone doing? Well i hope. If you are not, how can the group help? I wanted to share a success i recently had. I am close with a older neighbor. This neighbor recently retired and then found out they were dealing with Cancer and working to start treatment. They became very sick and had to be in the hospital for a week. So i took their two dogs, It was a lot of trying to adjust in life with 2 dogs. The success, in the past, stress like that, would have been a huge blow to me and triggered me. Now, i was able to work through everything and continue to do well. Just wanted to share, i know everyone has different triggers but just know, they can be brought under control, You don't have to give in to them. Keep fighting everyone and i hope you have a great weekend.

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Thank you for sharing your success story with us @Griz75! I’m sorry to hear about your neighbor, but I’m sure she’s thankful for your help and support. That’s really awesome that you were able to work through it all without giving in. That gives me hope to read experiences like yours. I’m still struggling with everything and keep giving in, but I really want to do better. Thank you for checking in on us!

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@CreativeSoul glad i can offer a success story.