How is everyone doing

So im over halfway done with my Pharmacy Tech classes which means soon im going to start the Early Childhood Education classes!! Im so excited to be a preschool teacher! I can't wait!! I decided im going to work as a pharmacy tech while taking the Early Childhood Education classes so that I can pay for the classes but still have money. Then after I finish the classes I'll work during the summer as a pharmacy tech. I hate that im growing up. Im almost 20 years old. But atleast i've figured out what i want to do with my life. Which I've never been able to do.

My dad and sisters are coming to town to visit next saturday and their coming to my house so im excited about that too! I told my step dad and he just kind of looked at me and said "why?".. well i'll tell you why, because hes half the reason im alive today and i want him in my life, asshole.

My meds are working horribly.. The abilify doesn't take away all the voices and my bipolar is insane lately, but i guess since i received my "monthly gift" today that could be another reason why. I was put on blood pressure med even though I have low blood pressure, but its to stop my nightmares from PTSD. Well it doesn't stop my nightmares i had one last night, all it does is make me really dizzy when I stand up. I woke up having a panic attack last night, the first one i've had in weeks. The only med that is working so far is the Klonopin, i take it whenever im leaving the house and i don't freak out and have panic attacks like i used to. The only bad thing is i'll take it when im sitting around the house just so I can get high.

Im not sure what im doing this weekend but I know tonight im going to play bingo with my mom and tomorrow im going to a football game with my boyfriend. So Im going to try to go all weekend without alcohol. I haven't drank at all since saturday so im VERY proud of myself! It helps not to have alcohol in the house, and I keep myself busy trying not to think about alcohol.

Well thats how im doing!! Hows everyone else??

I am so glad that you have figured out what you want to do. That is such a positive thing in your life, and be excited and look forward to it.

Please be careful with the meds, its not worth messing with because you have so many wonderful things to look forward to. have a great time with your dad and sisters next week. let us know how it goes.

Hi Amanda, Congratulations on not drinking since last Saturday! For this weekend, just take it a day at a time. Sorry about your meds not working. Have you checked with your doctor about them? I hope you have fun with you dad and sister next weekend!

As for me, all is well in my world. Things are starting to look up some. I keep hanging in there and taking it a day at a time. I hope you have a great weekend! ((((hugs))))

I have an appt with my psychiatrist in about a week so im just going to try to wait it out and talk to him about it then.

i hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks so much for your support!