How is everyone. I'm currently married and having some jealo

How is everyone. I'm currently married and having some jealousy issues. My wife for some reason finds it necessary to talk to other men. I'm not talking about friends I'm talking about guys she meets just what she says is casual conversations. I'm not opposed to her having friends. What my main concern is she hides the messages doesn't tell me the truth if I ask about them. Only until I catch her in a lie does she admit the truth. She has reassured me she isn't cheating just enjoys the casual conversation. I'm not understanding any of This. I adore my wife I am very good to her I help around the house always surprise her with gifts, lunches at work, nights out, and just do everything I can to express my love and care for her. Am I wrong for being upset about her actions??

You're not wrong for being upset and you should never judge yourself badly for being an emotional person.
I understand your issue with her talking to other men, i can see this from both sides, i almost chat to anyone i meet, and i have been told i use flirtation as a basic for of communication, but i never mean for it to go anywhere and i am exactly the same in front of my man or when he's not there.

The thing you maybe need to address is that she is hiding things as that would cause me issues too.. However.. i am not judging you, i don't know you. just throwing this out there..
If she is already aware you may be jealous.. it is entirely possible that she is not doing anything that she shouldn't (sorry if i worded that badly) it cold be that she is hiding it simply in the hope of avoiding your jealousy issues?

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I believe that is the case. I wouldn't be jealous of things were out in the open. It seems more suspicious when hidden.

@Jameswillport12 how are you doing?

Doing better. Still having some trust issues. I'm not sure how to discuss it without an argument. How are you doing?

@Jameswillport12 i’m doing housework so i’m ok.
i’m doing too much, my body is hurting but i am trying my best to keep busy

Talk to her.......explain how you feel and try talking it through. I don't know why she's being secretive, seems odd to me so communicate!

i think you should talk to her about and explain how much it bothers you !