How is everyone today? Seen a few posts about people feeling

How is everyone today? Seen a few posts about people feeling down :( Hugs for those feeling the pain today xx

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I'm about to go into our first counseling session since I found proof he was cheating. He says he is done, wants a divorce and is buying a house....but he still wants to go to counseling. I am going because we have 3 children together and we need to find a way to communicate through this for them. Now just to find the strength!

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I'm just dealing with the ups and downs right now... felt good yesterday today not so much. It's pretty bad I just feel a bit empty today.. plus work is crappy. Dealing with a lot of bs here.. I have my session tomorrow at lunch, and we have our session saturday. It sucks just not feeling loved.. Feeling like I'm alone. I didn't ask for this and it really hisses me off that I got served this.. Keeping positive though.. just coping with the feelings, it's not fun.

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@Fooled Its been almost a year for me and i still have some really bad days. I dont help myself cause i become OCD and manic when i go through these days. was on meds when it first came out but i been off from a few months now but i think its time to start up again. cant do this alone.

I've been up and down, more ups and downs and trying to manage the lows. NOt sure why today I'm feeling low. It angers me really, I don't like this feeling. Trying to stay positive, but issues at work seem to be dragging me down. I haven't had many triggers or visions but thats not saying I haven't.

Good then bad, up then down, around and around we hell of a rollercoaster ride...A ride we did not want, did not ask for but with time the lows get less, we get stronger and the sun shines brighter...this path was given to us, not to break us but to grow us and not because we are weak but because we are strong enough to walk it...

Keep the faith..We all got this ;)

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@Qicsilver All I have is faith and hope! Whether with her or without her… I will be better and stronger as I go along this path of healing.

Struggling today. Thought I was getting better but feel like I'm going the wrong way. Toughest thing I've ever been through.

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@Stang1423 -it’s tough but I find it effective, dont’ put pressure on yourself. Find a smile or positive thoughts through the day. each moment of happiness is a win! Look for as many wins in every 60 seconds, then hours, then multiple hours an days… the more we string together positive mojo the better we all will be and be able to heal! It is tough! But we can do this! Stay strong! You’ll be better everymoment you succeed in beating the bs. :slight_smile:

I hope it gets better. Hang in there. There is always a silver lining.

Doing great!! My wife and I are back in church and living our lives for the Lord again!! Our love and relationship might be better than it was before!! I just wish I wouldn't have let us fall out of church a few years back. I feel like my wife's infidelity would have never happened if we would have been living the way we should have been. I praise God for helping me through this!! I didn't think I would ever be happy again but I am!!! Only by God's grace......

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@gonnamakeit Awesome! Bless you guys!

Thanks!!! Bless you too!!!

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