How long has it been since you have in a serious relationshi

How long has it been since you have in a serious relationship? me 10 years

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What do you consider a serious relationship? I like the question, just not sure how I would answer it.

@MorePositiveVibes not a fling but a true companion

2 years but that guy was never around, it was abusive. 7 years since I had a real partner and a relationship that gave back to me

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I have a fling for two years now but its off and on every 3 to four months.I have been watch self help videos on how to be happy and single and I get it . but sometimes it's is unbearable.

Are you guys still hopeful... I tried online dating...but can't find anything real. It just seems that people would say I love you to anyone these days. I see most of the b.s. but I just get really lonely

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I am hopeful, but I stopped worrying about it and put in Gods hands. I think it is best to put everyone you meet in the “friends” category for a very long time. It help to keep a new relationship in perspective.

My last fling was 12 years ago. My last serious relationship was 19 years ago... I'm doomed LOL

@EstrangedAndIsolated wow it’s getting harder and harder. O remember how easy it was to make a friend when I was younger.

heck ..serious relationship...does that term exist nowadays too...

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5 years


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10 years

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Been a while.

Do you guys still have hope.I mean I have watched enough videos to know my worth. Hell it seems like the more I know my worth the harder it is to find anyone. That includes friends and family.Do you guys agree?

@MsAries34 I don’t really hope anymore the last relationship I was in found me and it was a good time in my life where I could spend the time and focus on it I guess I’m a believer in fate that if I’m meant to be with someone they will find me if not perhaps I’m meant to be alone

6 years now. It's better that way. The relationship turned me into a monster, living in fear everyday and being unhappy. I'm much happier single to tell you the truth, so much freedom to be me and do anything I want.