How many of YOU have kids and do they the kids now about your bulimia?


I have 2 kids in elementary school and was wondering if any other had kids and whether the children were aware of their b/p and how it was handled in your home.

Thank you as always.


hmmm didnt quite understand the you mean u or your kids????


sorry... let me clarify... for those of you who have kids, do the kids know about the b/p...

Hi Caroline,

My children are still young! Soon to be 4yrs old and 8 month old! I always thought that they were too young to know. When my oldest was 18 months, I remember he was sitting in his swing (waking up from a nap). I had just finished purging and I could here him mimicking the sounds he heard. I was mortified! From that point on I realised that what I do effects them, just like my parents excessive behaviors with food effected me. Your children might not know specifically that you are b&ping, but they know that something is up. They are unfortunately learning from you and your relationship from food. I remember my dads binges on unhealthy food and I remember them both not eating the previous week before a vacation. So I am not sure if that answer helps you, but I hope it does. I am here if you want to talk further about this!

Good luck!

my daughter is 19 and she and my partner both know about my disease. i wasnt always honest with her. i think i didnt tell her until she was around 17 and started asking questions about dieting, my overexercising and why i was always sick and nauseous. after telling her my truth it really helped me in my recovery. also she has noted that she is a binge eater herself and she is listening to me as i explain what has helped me and hopefully this helps her too.
i think it depends upon your relationship with the child. i've always been very close to my daughter and she is my only child. if i had a son i don't know if it wouldve shared so much. hope this helps. be well

Thanks guys. This was very helpful. My oldest (9 year old boy) has asked several times what happened to certain foods (cereals, cookies that I've binged on...) - I didn't realize he was noticing what was in our pantry! Luckily I came up with some lame excuse.

It makes me feel guilty having to lie. Both of my children are much too young to know my issue and understand it.

Again, thanks for sharing. :)