How many times do you have to do something positive, with no

How many times do you have to do something positive, with nothing bad happening whatsoever before it gets easier? Over and over I make myself go out instead of holing up in my apartment and I get scared and very anxious almost every time. Over and over I tell myself I love myself hoping that one day I will believe it. I am tired of trying to make myself better, I feel like I am just broken, defective. All I can do is keep trying, but it is so hard sometimes.

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I understand you.
How are you reacting when you do feel scared out and about? Do you hurry home or try to calm yourself before heading back home or wherever you feel less anxious?

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@TennisPlayer I pretty much go in and out of wherever as fast as possible. I usually get really anxious and start to panic, once I get back to my car I try to calm down a little then go back to my apartment. Very occasionally I have good days where I can go out and just browse around target without feeling too bad, but it almost always gets worse when I am at the checkout line.

@pickone I am able to go places I need to go, it’s just I don’t have very many friends and I am ashamed to ask my family because it feels pathetic that I should be afraid of such simple things. I can’t go to the laundromat or the park or anything that isn’t like mandatory.
Thank you for the well wishes.

@TennisPlayer Thank you for that, I have been trying unsuccessfully for years and years to just expose myself to things in hopes it would get easier, but it never occurred to me that being in a state of panic until I leave the situation might not help. I appreciate the resources, this is something I am really going to try to fix with my therapists help. And everyone here too.

You are not broken or defective! You are so much more than your anxiety problem. This is something that can and will be overcome. Keep getting out there and exposing yourself to the things that frighten you. It will get easier over time. I know how hard it is! It is frustrating, but you have to keep doing it. You are getting there... so good for you! You are not alone!

Thank you all so much. Having a sense of solidarity helps a lot, it's hard not to feel alone when you don't feel well.

@FreyjaEricka I joined this group a few months ago and the support is amazing. It has helped me face more of my fears. It’s so comforting to not be alone with this anymore.

Thanks, that is very thoughtful. But I actually have a psychiatrist and a therapist that I like and trust. I have no issue going to them because it is a small office and most of the staff actually recognizes me so I feel safe there(unless the waiting room is packed but I handle that too). Thank you though!