How to be sure its depression

The way i feel recently is surely not healthy and very heavy on me...I dont know exactly what it is, even though i think it maybe depression. I have read a lot on the internet, and I have all of the symptoms. I was not sure, so I asked my BF and he confirmed that I have these symptoms.
I realize its irresponsible and stupid, but I refuse to go to the doctor for this. I dont feel like telling my personal problems, with all detail to a stranger. But I cant go on like this, its ruining my life in all aspects...You think its possible to find a good book that could help through?
I can not look for support from my family, because I am too scared to upset them. I live in a foreign country and talk to them on skype, so I manage to pretend happy for the time we speak and I hope they dont suspect anything.
I dont have close friends here either, so its all up to me and this website.
I would appreciate greatly any thoughts and suggestions.

darkshine, if your depression is caused by chemical inbalance, your best to see a doc. its not necessary to share all your personal business in order to get treatment. may i suggest looking at for lots of info and resources. wishing u the best hun. let us know how yur coming along.

Darkshine, thank you for sharing with us. I have been through depression [several times] and always worked my way out of it on my own. What has helped me is a combination of exercises that turn my energy and thinking around, getting outside into the sun and fresh air, surrounding myself by positive people, and writing out my innermost thoughts and feelings. Over the past 1.5 years, I've done that here and its helped tremendously.

Here is a good website to look at about depression.

On the right side are some helpful links. If your depression has lasted longer than 2 weeks and you think about suicide, you may want to consider medication. You deserve to be happy. If you can't seem to climb out of the hole by yourself, you may need a rope. Just tell your doctor you are depressed. Tell him the symptoms, details of your life aren't as helpful as the symptoms. Details are for therapy. If the med's don't help, you may need therapy to uncover root causes and conditions. Best of luck to you. There is alot of help out there, you don't have to go through this alone.

Darkshine, you're definitely not alone here! Depression is a hard one to deal with because it can run right over the top of us and it comes out of the blue not even sure why you feel the way you do inside, you just do. I've had it hit me and sometimes I can't even put my finger on exactly what all has me in a depressed state. When it gets really bad for me, I go back to my counselor every week until I feel better, and also the doctor has put me on medicine for the panic and anxiety that comes along with the depression in my case. One thing I've learned is if the depressions "sticks around" for very long, it's time to reach out for professional help.

I wish the very best for you and hope your feeling of depression lightens up fast! As new as I am on here, I already know there are a whole lot of people who care how others are doing. Sometimes I just get on and read for a while because there are so many different scenarios I always learn something new and something I can relate to that helps me think through things better.

Lots of hugs to you! Sunshine!

Darkshine, I go through the same crap, and nothing even has to be wrong. And yeah I'm stubborn like you and not seeking any help/medication. Puppydog was right about the exercise, only problem is when you're depressed you don't feel like exercising. Just talk with us, and we may be able to get you through the bad humps. For me the nice 80 degree day yesterday picked me right up.

Thank you so much for all your warm comments and for your advice.
This state comes and goes last three years now. Im not sure of causes for this, I think I am simply not a positive person and there have been some factors that pushed me into this infinite sadness, taking away energy and will. There has been a lot of stress and many many changes in my life in last 4 years, and one big issue in my relationship that hurted a lot, i think these factors may be the reason. Plus, I live in Scandinavian country, which means I dont see the sun for like 4 months.
It helps a lot to share it here.
My BF is trying to help me, but I cant tell him everything I write here, because then he gets upset for how bad I feel and things get even worse.
I appreciate so greatly your support here.
Thank you. Big hug to all of you.

we're here for ya hun, you can talk about anything you like. will share any of my experiences if they will help. so any questions ask away. my mom had clinical/situational depression. hail skandinavia! (he-he)

12 years. They say its treatment resistant....Have tried many drugs...They stop working and tnen back to square one. I'm tired of faking it. I'm tired of my ignorant family not getting it. Dont know what to do. Going to see a new psychiatrist tomorrow. Really....Dont want any more meds....There has got to be something out there....I want to scream.......
Only I'm too depressed to.........

I think I posted on the wrong site. I'm sooo sorry! Having a horrible day.

no problem, you posted it here, and so I could read it. I honestly dont think depression can be cured with only meds. You, and me, and all of us depressed people, we just need to find another approach and hold on to it. On the chemical side, it can be hormonal deisbalance. I am not all well, but I did get better comparing to before after making blood test and getting hormonal pill. You could read about that maybe or ask your doctor.
Hold on.

feel better hun....we can scream together 1..2..3.......SCREAM.

Several things about depression. Sometimes it is anger turned inward. Often denial of the truth of life is manifested as depression when we feel trapped and powerless over our life. Major life changes can cause depression. Sometimes the only way through it is through it. If it is situational it will pass. Do you have a history of mental illness in your family? Is your diet balanced? Do you have hobbies? Is there something particular you are depressed about, or is it just there for no apparent reason? Sometimes depression is an emotional message we are not happy and need to change something but are resisting the change. If you are angry with yourself fir avoiding something that needs to change, resisting it is more painful than changing itself. If your depressions last more than 2 weeks, you loose your appetite, are missing time off work, can't seem to get out of the house, you may need to seek professional help.

I could be a combination of all the above to a degree that adds up. Depression is often anger turned inside. Underneath anger is fear. You might want to write in a journal what has happened in your life and what fear is associated with it.