How to combat cyber-bullying

As far as I'm concerned, there can't be enough articles and tips on how to combat cyber-bullying; I just want to keep getting this out there so that people are aware of how to protect themselves from cyber-bullies;

"In the news we have heard of several individuals who have been the victim of cyber bullying. The most recent case being the suicide of Tyler Clementi of Rutgers reported by Emily Friedman of ABCNews. This is a textbook case of cyber bullying, as our technology has brought us into the information age, it has brought with it the end of privacy. It will take an educated citizenry to deal with the many new negative possibilities brought about by the information age...."
        Source:, 11/10/10

    Oh, thank you so much Kishan238, you are too kind. Your positive comments make me happy and smile. Thank you for that.