How to control your anger in a romantic relationship

Things can get heated and emotions escalated in argumentative moments with significant others; therefore, it's important to know how to control these emotions during such times, which this article discusses;

"They say that couples that do not row do not talk. Every couple in the world has arguments no matter how hard they try to convince you that they do not. But anger can very quickly become a problem in a relationship. If it is not addressed or dealt with it can cause a great deal of tension between a couple.

There are ways to express your anger without having to row or argue. it can be dealt with in a mature and calm fashion.


This is the most obvious way to help resolve the issue. You need to communicate with your partner and tell them how you feel. You can do this without placing blame or getting angry. Simply tell them how you are feeling and calmly explain why you feel this way. After you have finished talking then you need to give your partner the chance to talk. The chances are they will help put your mind at rest and you may even find that you had no reason to be angry in the first place.


Wait at least 10 seconds before you respond to the situation that is making you angry. This small amount of time stands between you and a logical response. If you need to get away for longer then do it. If time is what you need to stop you from getting angry then it is what you need to do.

Walk away.

Remove yourself from the situation that is making your angry. It may seem like a temporary solution but it will give you the time that you need to gain some perspective about it.

Control yourself.

It may be very difficult but you need to try and restrain your temper. Losing your temper can have long term consequences in an argument that only needs to be short term. Think about the consequences of what could happen if you lost you temper. And then think about whether they would be worth it or not.

Pick a phrase, song lyrics or a poem that mean something to you and repeat it quietly to yourself, this is a method used by many anger management specialists and therapists. It doesn't matter what the phrase or thing you repeat is, as long as it means something positive to you.

Get physical.

Do any kind of physical exercise that you can. This will help you to release some of your anger and frustration in a healthy and productive way."

Source: Helium, by Claire Coshan

Very helpful, thanks. I find myself quite angry and snappish in an argument. I'll try those tips

xo, July

I know that it's so easy to lose your cool in the heat of the moment. I was in that predicament and had to really take a bit of cooling off time. I'm really learning to take mini time-outs and then come back to the discussion if necessary. That helps me a lot.

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