How to cope?

I am currently inpatient in recovery, gaining weight and getting my life back. I have been here for quite some time- and I still do have quite a bit to go. This is fully the hardest thing I have ever done in my life- I am so sick of this disease controlling me and my life! I am SO ready for recovery, I am trying to learn and make the most of my stay here

I do know it will be tough when I get out. It is so hard, just in here to hear people commenting on how much my face has filled out, or how great I look. I am so scared for when I DO get out, I know I will look so different after having gained back all this weight. I am trying so hard, sometimes it is SO exausting )c:


You're doing amazing work! I can't begin to imagine what inpatient treatment must feel like. I can relate to the embarrassment over having regained weight... Perhaps you can try to focus on the fact that you are NOT fat. And when people say you look better, you really DO. Having a fuller face makes us look healthier and happier and less skeletal... It's hard to get used to, but think about how much better you feel within your body. You must be so much more comfortable. I know I ache less. :) Even though it's emotionally, psychologically painful, I am physically more comfortable. Perhaps if you try to focus on that? ♥

Much love to you, dear! Keep up the great work!