How to Deal With Hurt Feelings

Harboring hurt feelings can be emotionally detrimental. This is especially true if we take offenses personally. We need to learn to deal with hurt feelings to be at peace with ourselves.

1. Stay calm when your feelings are hurt and allow time for yourself to completely cool off.
2. Think before you speak, or you may lash out with words that you can't retract and regret the consequences.
3. Prevent misjudging by not presuming the other person's intention. You may pass judgment incorrectly and make the situation worse. Ask yourself if the person's intent was deliberate or if it's unintentional.
4. Walk away from situations that may cause you to retaliate or seek revenge.

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this is great advice for anyone. i think the point to stay calm is important cause feelings can boil over and make us act irrationally. and also thinking about the person’s intentions is key cause sometimes something can be take the wrong way or easily misunderstood.

Great advice- thank you! <3