How to decide to stay or go? It's been a little less than a

How to decide to stay or go? It's been a little less than a month that I discovered my husband was cheating on me over the past 7 months. He met the person online and then decided to take a 'study vacation' and spend and entire week with her on my dime. I continued to confront him the past several months feeling as though he was pulling away and was not longer intimate with me.

I discovered the affair by stealing his phone in the night :( and he came 'clean' on everything. Supposedly!?!

How do I trust that is all? He says he 'loves' me but what does that mean if he loved me and loved someone else. He had a sexual cyber relationship, loved someone else, and spent an entire week making love to them. While he was with them he sent me the sweetest most carrying messages...saying he couldn't wait to come home to me...he missed me so much...wanted to sleep next to me. I pick him up from the airport after flaming myself up and his first comment is what'd you get all fancied up for.

Now that I've discovered the affair he wants to try and work it out...but how do I forgive? How do I trust him? Am I a fool for believing more lies?

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Personally, a month is still to early to try to force a decision. Things are still spinning and you probably can't think clearly right now. Wait for things to calm a bit. Go to counseling, take care of yourself and make a plan for you (for staying and leaving).

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I have been on the other side of this and all I can say is that almost every guy I met loved their life and wife and never wanted to get a divorce. Most guys are lost and want to feel wanted. Take a long look at both sides and go to counseling. Keep an open mind. I know it hurts right now but through your pain you might realize that he does truly love you and want to work it out.

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In time u forgive. But just because u forgive someone does not mean u have to be with them or even have them in ur life at all. There is no trust. Trust has been broken and destroyed and u can not get that back. U r trying to unscramble an already scrambled egg. It doesnt work. And yes u r a fool for believing more lies.

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