How to get past 2 weeks

Hi! So i am really trying to work-out and be healthy. I realized “diets” are not the way to go because they are just not realistic for me to keep up long term. I also realized that the number on the scale doesn’t matter either , so my main goal is toning my body and getting into a healthy routine.

The problem is i go in 2 week spurts. I will be really great working out 4/5 days a week for 2 weeks, then i fall off and find an excuse, usually work.

Any advice on how to get over the 2 week hump and keep going?


HI.. Find new extercises to do every day to keep it interesting and not try to avoid the routine I know it's hard to stay motivated at times.

For example walk one day the next go to the gym the next buy a workout video and do it at home maybe the next run just keep it interenting best wishes.



Thanks Ana! I appreciate the advice! I just started running with a friend, but we only get out maybe once a week or every other week. So i am hoping that that will help out too.


You Welcome! It will help as long as you keep it up. In no time you will see results! That is good it is always more fun with a friends or someone to stay motivatd.



Hi Victoria1981, I have found that I plan and schedule my work-out the night before for the following day, as I do with meetings and appointments. Once it's scheduled, I wake up with the psyche that I will be working-out at the scheduled time. As well, I really set realistic weekly work-out goals. Do you find that trying to work-out 4-5 days/wk is a bit aggressive when you are just getting going with a regular work-out routine. Maybe start off with 3 days per week and try a different exercise for the 3 days. As well, if you are in an area where you can walk, then try walking to the store [for example] rather than driving on your days off. I hope this helped a bit.