How to help a parent?

My father was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma today. He said he thinks that he's stage two. He's scared to talk about it like its a dirty secret or something. I even feel weird talking about it. I'm not sure how to act or how ... I don't know. I need some advise how I can help him emotionaly get through this. I love him so much. I can't imagine how he feels or what he's thinking about. I feel so helpless that this is happening to him. Any advise would really help me out.

Welcome to the group mislissa. Sorry to hear about your father's diagnosis, but the good news is that Hodgkins is very treatable. I know its a scary time for you, your father, and the rest of your family but just being there to support him goes along way.

There are many great folks here and we are all in different phases of treatment for Hodgkins. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and more then likely somebody will have an answer for you from personal experience.

I am early in the process. I was diagnosed in mid September, when through all of the staging tests and scans in October, and started chemotherapy this week.
We are still dealing with many of the feelings you and your family may be dealing with. The best thing I could do is get educated on Hodgkins and learn what the road ahead really looks like and then pass that information on to the rest of my family. I'm not sure if that helps at all but if you have any questions please let us know.

Hi Mislissa first I want to tell you what my Doctor told me that this cancer can go away. That's to ease your mind. My advice is to give your Dad a little time to let it sink in. How old is your Dad? I'm asking because that has alot to do with how to approach him right now.

If you want to try to treat with natural products, I know a doc that wont charge and will help. E-mail me at [email protected]. With love, Joanne


I am very sorry to hear about your father.My best advise would be to give it all to god and ask him to take the pain and the sorrow from you so you can focus on dad.Be strong in your faith and god will be there for you all you have to do is ask him.

Didnt mean to get on the church wagon but this is what has truely has helped me get through the last 14 mo's.
Also spend every minute that you have free with him and cherish him.