How to help partner cope with absence?

I am in the process of joining the United States Coast Guard; I will take the ASVAB next week and get started on my physical for entry after the test results are back. I will be leaving to Cape May, NJ for boot camp for 8 weeks; after which I will be assigned to my unit. I am EXTREMELY excited!!! I've wanted to be in the Coast Guard ever since I knew what it was. However, I do know my boyfriend is having some trouble with the fact that there will be a period of time where we won't see each other. He's afraid I will meet someone else while in the Coast Guard. Although I feel I've done a pretty good job of putting those fears at rest, I know he still has them. What is something I could do to help reassure him more, other than knowing in my heart, and physically showing him that I will come home to him? We both know it won't be easy, and challenges will come along. But I know, and have told him, that I'm not a girl who will leave someone just because I can. At the end of the day I'm coming home to someone I've been with for almost a year. If there is anyone with the same story out there I'd love the chance to talk to you and offer support as well! Thank you for reading.


Do you know anyone even a little bit that has been or is in the military. See if their partner went through the same thing and would be willing to talk to your boyfriend.

I can tell you that what he is feeling is most likely not uncommon. It is the fear of the unknown. It is the stories you hear about how they break you down in basic and convince you that your family/loved ones don't care till the point that you start to believe it.. these are the things they portray on tv/movies and therefore what he fears.

Beyond finding someone to meet with him to tell him that what he is feeling is normal all I can recommend is to keep reassuring him that you want to come back to him. Maybe make him something a card, a letter, a drawing, something that he can look at while you are gone that will remind him that you are waiting to come home to him...

Luck and Love