How to let go of the number on the scale

Hello friends...

I have a question for all of you

How do you let go of a "number" ? your weight number
how do you stop obsessing over NEEDING to be at a certain number- and just letting that go??

im doing really well, excited to be starting to live life again- but thats something i really struggle with. freaking out if im not X weight.

just wanted to know ur thoughts on this.

hugs to all!

Remind yourself who you are cannot be described through a are so much more than it

Paige xoxo

Hmm...I think the first step is not even knowing what you weigh. For a while [or a long time], there really isn't a need for you to know what you weigh. If you can have a professional monitor this for you, in order to make certain you are not losing weight, this could likely free up your mind to focus on who you are other than that number. If you have that number in your mind, you may always be going to it in your thoughts and comparing and thinking about the past, etc.
Also, if you can begin to identify things about yourself that are genuine and YOU, that have nothing do with with weight or appearance, this could help switch the focus as well. Good question....what does everyone else think?
Take care...Jan ♥