How to mellow chest pains from severe anxiety

The past few days my severe anxiety kicked back in from the over-stress in my life. I am really trying to mellow myself out and trying to breathe deeply throughout the day to ease the anxiety. Though, it's been a bit more scary lately where I have a pressure on my chest and I'm having a harder time breathing at times.

Does anyone experience this, and have any suggestions or ways to mellow out my anxiety? Thanks so much.

I get chest pains, but they are dull and do not hender my breathing. I dont have any clue on how to make them stop. I thought it was stress related but didnt know for sure. As much as I am stressing over my accounting class it has to be because if stess.

It sounds like you are doing a lot of great things to handle your stress; the dancing and running. If those things are working to eliminate your chest paisn keep doing them. If not you may want to mention it to your doctor on your next visit it that is scheduled soon... if not, give them a call.

puppydoglvr ... I have the exact same thing. I can't even go to the ER or the doctor's office any more without getting checked for a heart attack first (my heart is perfectly fine). I even spent 8 days in the hospital because the pain was sooooo bad.

I have found that meds help. I also find that doing things that consume my focus works as well too. Things that I try to do are exercise, go for walks, talk on the phone with someone I really like, go shopping, go out and photograph wildlife, etc ...

Just try to find some things that make you happy. Also, talk to your psychiatrist about changing or getting some new meds. If you are on meds that seem to work to a degree then you might need to up the dosages. That will REALLY help too.

Good luck. :)

Thank you both so much for sharing your similar experiences as mine, I am just sorry that you both go through this as it's really not fun. It's actually pretty scary. I hear of people my age (mid-30s) having heart attacks more and more often now. Luckily no one that I know. But it's a reality in today's insanely fast paced and pressure filled world. On top of that we're all dealing with a tough economy.

The other day, I really thought that I was having a heart attack when the chest pains started. I know that this is all stress related because it only comes on when I'm uber stressed and over-whelmed. The anxiety will kick in and from that come the chest pains. It's just never been as bad as the other day, so it put a scare in me.

I am definitely trying to change my ways and really focusing on researching as many possible ways to relieve stress and anxiety naturally. The running helps me beyond belief. It's really pretty incredible how quickly it all melts away and I feel centered again.

Thanks again both so much for your support!

I know this is an old post but i can relate to these anxiety attacks.