How to sleep through the stress

i try really hard to breathe through stress and not feel overwhelmed, but then when i lay in bed at night the mind goes crazy and races with all the thoughts of everything for work to money to love life. I have not been able to figure out a way to clear the mind and just go to sleep. Any suggestions (aside from sleeping aids cause i want to avoid drugs)on how to not let stress affect how i sleep?

Not that I like to promote medication because I dislike taking it myself, I've found herbal ways to help out my overly stressed and over worked mind. Chamamile tea with 1mg of melatonin before bed every night. Not only does it help my racing mind, it also helps prevent future medical worries such as brain tumors, depression, etc. Hope this helps!

I, too have an extremely hard time when it comes to falling asleep. Up to about a week ago i was using marijuana as that is the safest and most effective method for me. Other than that, you can try breathing excercises or listening to nature sounds. For me, the only thing that has worked is marijuana. GOOD LUCK