How's everyone doing tonight

How's everyone doing tonight

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same crap. still depressed...but thx for asking

@Ck80211 hard to hear everyone telling you how to feel and how to shake your depression off. Just remember a lot of us are there or been there. We’re trying to help… Though I know its not a lot of help.

how are you @chntbrnkr?

@blackbirdjessa I’m about the same as always

Ansolutely awful and yourself?

@Hannah90 Please talk about what’s causing this feeling?

Left things bottled up for too long and I've cracked basically. Don't think meds are working

would you like to talk about what you have bottled up for so long?

I was raped 11 month ago. Have kept myself busy. Don't do talking about it rather keep it to myself but have realized that's not good in any way! It's being dealt with by the police but I feel ashamed,disgust. My family know about it but still I feel in myself I can't/don't want to talk to them
About it

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@Hannah90 Im so sorry that happened to you honey, it’s when that happens to not blame yourself trust me i know but you must always know it wasn’t your fault not what what, I’m glad you told you family and the police very proud of you, are you currently in therapy?

when this happens you feel alone lost like nobody understand how you feel there are people that understand holding these feelings inside is no way to live, the more you keep this in the more he continues to have control over you

Definitely. Thankyou for listening and helping me with your kind words has really helped

Did you say she was bipolar. Ive ignored people for more than a month. Lose most of my friends that way. Feel like I just can't handle it. Few have made it back because rapprochement is so delicate. At first I thought you were crazy, but as a fellow bipolar I'm going to keep hoping for you

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I keep trying.....and I pray a lot....and I keep hearing not to give up. I hate this.
ive been patient almost 3 years now...fighting for the last 7 months. I made mistakes and I am sorry for them. she throws more in my face than anyone...yet I forgive her

wait you thought I was crazy???? thanks

@Ck80211 I’ve been praying too. Just feels like he’s not listening

I know its hard to keep being patient, but that's really the best way to go. You might never meet someone you love this much ever again. Keep showing her that you care. I think she'll come around soon enough.

True but its going to take some imagination to come up with a delicate way that everyone saves face. Ck too bad you couldn’t have brain cancer :slight_smile:
develop brain cancer. :slight_smile:

im so happy to help anytime let me know if you ever wanna talk anytime I'm always hear for you please keep your head up