I have Diabetes and now hardly get an erection and never a full one and doesn’t last long , I have a high sex drive and even erectile pills do not work . I still have great adventurous forplay with my partner but feel so guilty I can’t give her a proper sex life and frustrated that the only sexual pleasure I get is the pleasure I give her . Is there anything else I can try to gain a full erection

I completely understand, same thing exactly has happened to me. Ever since I got diabetes 5-6 years ago. It was a slow start like it would just take more time to get up and going to now where it’s almost impossible to get up and maintain. That sex drive is the worst and the feeling you can not please her sucks. I have been going through it and looking into options. You should first start by going to see a urologist. It’s so hard when you want it and get excited and then flop. Message me if you want.

@sosadithurtshave you tried toys and anal stimulation of the prostate that has been helping me with my own Ed

Look into Trimix injections..Much stronger then pills.