It silly to believe in myself and i could do it all. I am now thinking that I am just insane. Everything that I worked for, wrong timing. Not angry nor aggressive towards anybody else but myself. I don't want anybody else to feel the same pain that I felt everyday. How could they understand?

A. Do i jump?
B. Do i walk away?
C. Do i fall?
D. Do i trip?
E. Do i want to know?
F. Do i need anything?
G. Do i need anybody?
H. Will i succeed?
I. Will i care?
J. Do i look over it?
K. Do i reach it?
L. Do i start all over?
M. Do i want too?
N. Do i always lose?
O. Do i ever win?
P. Do i please one?
Q. The questions, unanswered?
R. Should I?
S. Could i?
T. Would i?
U. Ever
V. Break
W. Myself
X. On
Y the inside
Z. Win?

Because of UPS. I will never trust anyone else. When i should had

@NormalFreak101 What happened with UPS, if you don’t mind me asking? I assume you mean the package delivery service, but I may be wrong.